Dr. Siegfried Demski

Dr. Siegfried Demski successfully completed his university studies at the Bergische University in Wuppertal with a science degree in physics in the field of high-energy physics and was then to award a doctorate as a member of an international research staff in the Frejus tunnel (France) during an experiment regarding proton decay. After he finished his training and was admitted as German and European Patent Attorney, he established his office in Hilden and joined a longstanding partnership in Duisburg. He then specialized on the drafting and enforcing of patents and utility models, in particular in the field of engineering, plastics technology, process engineering, wood material and embossing technology, measurement engineering, medical and rehabilitation engineering, electrical engineering and electronics and paper manufacturing and processing, as well as trademark rights.


In addition to his work as patent attorney, Dr. Demski is in charge of the examination committee of the Patent Lawyers' Association for the education of the Intellectual Property Paralegals in North Rhine Westphalia.


Dr. Demski is a member of the Patent Lawyers’ Association, the EPI, VDI, VPP and GRUR.

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